The family Leguminosae a b Table 1. Wildlife inventory invertebrates not included in the area revealed considerable diversity of wildlife species in 4 broad groups. This comprised different fauna species from 64 families Table 2 Mammals from 22 families Table 2 accounted for 44 Percentage contribution of different wildlife groups in the study areas. Other taxa represented in the records are 10 species of amphibians from 5 families Table 3 , 20 species of reptiles from 13 families Table 4 , and 51 species of birds from 24 families Table 5. Birds accounted for The goliath frog an amphibian and river turtle reptile are endangered, while the West African dwarf crocodile, another reptile, is vulnerable. Though the birds showed more species diversity, the amphibians were more abundant in population and Bufo regularis the common African toad , was the most dominant amphibian. This species occurred in all the ecological zones.

Gulf project advances deepwater pipeline technologies

State Department review ordered by a federal judge concluded that major environmental damage from a leak is unlikely and could quickly be mitigated, a company spokesman said Monday. TransCanada spokesman Matthew John said the company remains committed to moving ahead with the project following years of reviews from federal and state regulators. The company has already started preparing pipe yards, transporting pipe and mowing parts of the project’s right-of-way in Montana and South Dakota. The report issued Friday from the Trump administration’s State Department drew criticism from environmental groups, which say they’ll continue to fight the project they view as an environmental threat.

The updated, page report was released a little more than a month after a federal judge in Montana ordered the U. State Department to conduct a more thorough review of the pipeline’s proposed pathway after Nebraska state regulators changed the route.

NMGC and owner, Emera Inc., have created and funded an infrastructure expansion matching fund program to promote economic development. Protecting Our State We help protect New Mexico’s water, air, plants, animals and cultural resources.

Macadam Road construction requires the creation of an engineered continuous right-of-way or roadbed, overcoming geographic obstacles and having grades low enough to permit vehicle or foot travel , [35]: A variety of road building equipment is employed in road building. Storm drainage and environmental considerations are a major concern. Erosion and sediment controls are constructed to prevent detrimental effects.

Drainage lines are laid with sealed joints in the road easement with runoff coefficients and characteristics adequate for the land zoning and storm water system. Drainage systems must be capable of carrying the ultimate design flow from the upstream catchment with approval for the outfall from the appropriate authority to a watercourse , creek , river or the sea for drainage discharge.

Approval from local authorities may be required to draw water or for working crushing and screening of materials for construction needs.

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Here are some rules, regulations, and laws governing general contractors in Louisiana: In Louisiana, all residential new construction of single family homes requires a contractor to be licensed as a residential building contractor. How important is contractor licensing in Louisiana?

• Hook-up of a central processing facility (CPF) and floating production, storage and offtake (FPSO) vessel Ichthys Project offshore activities Overview of construction activities from to Figure 1: Representation of future Ichthys Project offshore facilities Gas export pipeline (GEP) construction.

The spraying crude oil ignited, killing a Terminal Operator. There were no injuries reported. Plantation Pipeline began efforts to recover the spilled petroleum. From that time through June , approximately 2, barrels of spilled petroleum products were recovered from standpipes at the leak site. Remediation efforts stopped in October Later tests raised questions on the possibility of not all of the spill products were recovered.

7 – Construction and installation lifting analysis

Fildebrandt’s office will be in the provincially-owned Federal Building on the legislature grounds. CBC The work, he said, would involve using “all the trades. Edmonton’s Federal Building underwent a major makeover. Redford ordered penthouse suite in Federal Building At one point, extravagant plans were in place to turn the top floor of the art-deco-style building into a private penthouse for former Premier Alison Redford.

But it was his own choice to leave the UCP caucus, creating the need for a new office and an additional cost to taxpayers. McCuaig says the departure and existence of so many independent MLAs “wasn’t anticipated” when the redo of the Federal Building was completed in

In the above Pipeline section, the following stations shall be constructed: • Hook Up: 8” NB TOP at Padmala existing station of GSPL at Chkm This is existing TOP. 12” Padamala Godhara Pipeline hooked up with 24” TOP of Paguthan Baroda pipeline.

The Mariner East 2 pipeline project can produce a visceral reaction from people in the community — often those concerned about safety and quality of life as evidenced in vocal displays of opposition at municipal meetings and elsewhere. And while the two sides advocate for their causes, elected officials tread delicately between the two. Last week, Philadelphia-based Econsult Solutions Inc.

The report was funded by Sunoco Pipeline L. Advertisement The Mariner East project consists of different phases of installing pipeline connecting parts of western Pennsylvania and Ohio, where the Marcellus and Utica shales are located, with Marcus Hook to move natural gas liquids to the area for storage, processing and distributing to local, regional and global markets. The first phase, Mariner East 1, has been completed and is operating.

The majority of it re-purposed a former petroleum line for the movement of natural gas liquids. The second phase, Mariner East 2, involves the construction of a mile pipeline that was initially planned for 16 inches in width but was expanded to 20 inches in width after demand for the products emerged during a Sunoco open season. Since then, the company intends to build an additional pipeline alongside this one and this is called Mariner East 2X.

Earlier this month, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection suspended all work on the Mariner East 2 pipeline indefinitely after the agency cited the company for drilling without proper permitting in an area right outside Harrisburg.

DEP issues few violations, one fine for Sunoco’s pipeline construction spills

The updated, page report was released a little more than a month after a federal judge in Montana ordered the U. Environmentalists, Native American tribes and a coalition of landowners have prevented the company from moving ahead with construction. In addition to the federal lawsuit in Montana that seeks to halt the project, opponents have a pending lawsuit before the Nebraska Supreme Court.

Critics of the project have raised concerns about spills that could contaminate groundwater and the property rights of affected landowners. In Nebraska, a major battleground for the project, opponents are trying to change the makeup of the Nebraska Public Service Commission in hopes of overturning its previous decision to approve an in-state route for the pipeline. The latest State Department report is a draft that must still face public review and comments, but federal officials say they expect to have the final draft ready by December.

Sehen Sie sich das Profil von Mohamed Al Hefnawy auf LinkedIn an, dem weltweit größten beruflichen Netzwerk. 4 Jobs sind im Profil von Mohamed Al Hefnawy aufgelistet. Mohamed Al Hefnawy. Pipeline construction Engineer at Bechtel National Inc. Standort Ägypten Branche Erdöl & Energiewirtschaft. – Issue hook-up drawings, per operation Title: Pipeline construction Engineer .

A vacant 37, square foot half-block zoned for neighborhood commercial use with a foot height allowance, the site offered an alleyway for primary ingress and egress. In addition, it is located on several bus lines and provides spectacular upper-floor views of Lake Union. However, neighborhood activists were poised to ensure nothing happened to the site. We felt we could build something spectacular that would complement the neighborhood, but we needed to convince them.

The last thing we wanted to do was get in a neighborhood fight. The architect then led the group through the formulation of a mission statement that clarified in writing what was good and unique about Fremont. The entire group, including the architect and developer, agreed they would work together to meet the mission and enhance Fremont.

The rental range exceeded that projected on opening, although average rents are in line with the project pro forma. The Seattle market has firmed up since the project opened, resulting in increases in rent on turnover apartments as well as renewals. Occupancy has consistently remained over 95 percent since stabilization. Although the project delivery came right wen rents were sluggish, we still leased up at 20 units per month, well above our projected rates.

It is a strong statement about how well the development has been accepted by the community! SP said it plans to paint the buildings’ exteriors, upgrade landscaping, and remodel clubhouses at the properties. The building will be located at Pine St.

Natural gas demand continues to drive worldwide pipeline construction activity.

If the interconnection cannot be made at the requested location, Atmos Energy will inform you of any possible alternate locations. Complete the form as fully as possible; incomplete forms will result in delays. To speed the process, a sample analysis, if available, may be submitted with the form. Bank , made out to Atmos Energy.

If a representative sample analysis of the gas is not submitted with the application, Atmos Energy will contact the customer to coordinate procurement of a well sample.

Madison Gas and Electric is the investor-owned utility serving Madison, Wisconsin, and main subsidiary of MGE Energy, Inc. We have been this community’s energy company for over years.

Excerpted from Chapter 3: Socal circumvented the embargo by procuring the gold from the London branch of Morgan Guaranty Trust. When the Saudis asked Socal officials what they should do with their newfound wealth, Socal recommended depositing it at Morgan Guaranty Trust. Other agreements were struck in the region as well. Chevron and Texaco formed a marketing arm known as Caltex, while jointly owning Bahrain Petroleum Company.

It also laid claim to expansive oilfields at Berri and Abqaiq. In the wake of the Arab oil embargo, ARAMCO embarked on the most expensive single industrial project in the history of mankind, a massive petrochemical and refining complex at Jubail. The real story is a bit more complex. Mobil owns a majority interest in Luberef, a Saudi base oil refiner and in Petrolube, a blender which exports to over 40 different countries.

Abdullah Tariki, Saudi Director of Petroleum and Minerals, went public with the charges and announced new transit fees that would be charged the Horsemen to compensate for the rip-off. Within days of the proclamation Tariki was driven from office by King Fahd himself. With the Shah deposed, the Saudi half of the Twin Pillars took on much greater significance. Wherever the Four Horsemen roam, Bechtel eyes and ears are close behind. In oil-rich Venezuela it constructed the Mena Grande pipeline.

Alberta taxpayers on hook for new office of former UCP-turned-independent MLA

The money will be used to look at all risk factors involved with transporting highly volatile liquids through high consequence areas. We have a right to know just how much danger we are being asked to accept, especially when we are dealing with a company that has a less than stellar performance which could pose higher risks to our health, safety and welfare.

The council and grassroots organizations affected by the pipeline will do everything in their power to ensure DEP will hold Sunoco accountable to the law going forward. The penalty is one of the largest civil penalties collected in a single settlement. Plans call for the pipeline to deliver hundreds of thousands of barrels of ethane, propane and butane across the full width of Pennsylvania from Marcellus Shale sites, through large high-density swaths of Delaware and Chester counties, to the former Sunoco refinery in Marcus Hook.

BBB’s Business Review for Hookup & Pipeline Construction, Inc, Business Reviews and Ratings for Hookup & Pipeline Construction, Inc in Saint Martinville, ees: 6.

When you have completed the above guides, you can continue on with this article. However, by default, the Linux user responsible for running the Jenkins process cannot access Docker. To fix this, we need to add the jenkins user to the docker group using the usermod command: Begin by visiting GitHub and signing into your account if you haven’t already done so. Afterwards, click on your user icon in the upper-right hand corner and select Settings from the drop down menu: On the page that follows, locate the Developer settings section of the left-hand menu and click Personal access tokens: Click on Generate new token button on the next page: You will be taken to a page where you can define the scope for your new token.

In the Token description box, add a description that will allow you to recognize it later: In the Select scopes section, check the repo:

DEP orders work to stop on Mariner East 2 pipeline project

CBS —Some residents in Chester County are dealing with brown water flowing into their homes, and some have lost their well water completely. They blame a pipeline Sunoco is digging beneath their properties. David Mano showed CBS3 brown and cloudy water coming from his well. Brown water in Chester County.

all water pipes are not created equal. JM Eagle recently announced a year warranty on its products. Plastic-pipe products from JM Eagle will maintain their performance for the next 50 years or the company will replace them.

The study will assist Jacobs wins mechanical maintenance and turnarounds contract from Shell Jacobs Engineering Group Inc received a five-year contract renewal from Shell Canada Limited to provide mechanical maintenance and turnaround services on the The scope of work includes FEED services to produce a binding lump sum price for A, owner of the most complex refinery in the Mediterranean, with Honeywell to provide third cryogenic gas processing plant to Brazos Midstream Honeywell today announced that its UOP Russell business will provide a third cryogenic gas processing plant to Brazos Midstream.

The high-recovery million Dushanzi Petrochemical Company selects control system from Yokogawa Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that its subsidiary, Yokogawa China, has received an order from the Dushanzi Petrochemical Company, a subsidiary of Under this new agreement, Praxair will increase the amount of OMV setects hte to test competitive catalysts for light cut naphtha isomerization hte — the high throughput experimentation company tested the performance of commercial light cut naphtha isomerization catalysts in the presence of hydrogen

JP Morgan Chase & The Saudi Oil Colony

How Cathodic Protection Works Cathodic protection CP is a technique to control the corrosion of a metal surface by making it work as a cathode of an electrochemical cell. This is achieved by placing in contact with the metal to be protected another more easily corroded metal to act as the anode of the electrochemical cell. Cathodic protection systems are most commonly used to protect steel, water or fuel pipelines and storage tanks, steel pier piles, ships, offshore oil platforms and onshore oil well casings.

Excavators & Contractors. As of January 1, , standards for excavation in Alaska are enforceable by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). Whether you are a private homeowner installing a mailbox or a professional contractor digging up a city street, If an excavation is below a polyethylene gas pipeline.

Planning and Prevention Each project begins with a hazard analysis prior to start of any work. All JT Cleary supervisors and project managers utilize the latest injury prevention methodologies to ensure a safe workplace. Having hands-on experience in the field, as well as engineering and equipment expertise, differentiates our managers, giving them greater ability to identify potential hazards.

Employee Involvement Safety awareness requires good communication and interaction between our people in the field. JT Cleary stands by its culture of positive reinforcement by encouraging employees to contribute ideas for improvement on job sites. Feeling free to speak up creates an open and transparent dialogue. Compliance Corporate safety policy complies fully with industry requirements and regulations.

Basic Pipeline Construction