I wish you were on the football team because I’d love to see your backfield in motion. Have u ever been fishing before Girl: I think we should hook up! If I buy a soccer ball, will you kick it with me? You might not be a Bulls fan, but I know you felt it when this D rose. Hey gurl, how about you make like the Patriots and deflate these balls. Do you play volleyball? Because you look like your good on ur knees! Do you play basketball?

Man (70s) dies after being hit by lorry

We offer the widest range of hookloaders for removable skips. The quality and safety of our products are our priority. Certified ISO and ISO , the satisfaction of our customers and partners as well as our environmental responsibility are always in the foreground. The total quality of our welding is defined by our ISO certification. Industrial organization, compliance and certifications standards ensure the excellent level of quality and reliability of our hookloaders in all situations.

This level of quality and finishing allows us to currently be the world leader in hookloaders.

We need to add the connector that would be there if the truck originally came with the TP2 option. To get this started you need to remove the fuse block and expose the harness connectors underneath. The connector we need to tap is the middle one closest to the engine. How to hook up dual batteries – factory style. Apr 01 , pm.

Construction; Manufacturing – general; Transport – Road; Other – Waste and recycling industry, skip hire: Potential for unexpected release and hazardous uncontrolled swinging of the skip and overbalancing of the skip lorry. This can occur when the tipping hooks fail to engage with the catch bar on the skip but temporarily snag on a lip protruding from the base of the skip instead.

During tipping the hooks are pushed off the lip which releases the skip causing it to swing, the momentum of which may cause the front of the lorry to lift and may result in the lorry overbalancing. Skips should be examined and modified as applicable so as to ensure the hooks engage only on the catch bar. Typical lorry borne skip tipping-out process Skip containers are used widely across the waste and recycling industry.

This safety notice highlights a potential danger whereby fabrication of the skip can result in a lip on which tipping hooks may ‘falsely’ engage and provides advice on corrective actions. It is a common arrangement for skips to be suspended by four chains attached in pairs to two loading arms on the lorry which straddle the skip. The loading arms are hydraulically actuated such that they either rotate forwards to lift the skip onto the lorry or backwards to off-load the skip onto the ground.

To tip-out a skip, the process is similar to off-loading except that a pair of tipping hooks, which are mounted towards the rear of the bed of the lorry, are raised and as the skip is pulled over them they engage on the tipping bar on the end of the skip near its base. As the lifting arms continue to rotate, the hooks hold the front end of the skip such that it begins to rotate and eventually reaches a near vertical position causing the load to slide out of the skip see photograph 1 There are no nationally established standards e.

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Thornycroft developed a steam dust-cart in with a tipper mechanism. Such companies flourished during World War I due to massive wartime demand. August Fruehauf had obtained military contracts for his semi-trailer, invented in and later created the partner vehicle, the semi-truck for use in World War I. After the war, Fruehauf introduced hydraulics in his trailers. They offered hydraulic lift gates, hydraulic winches and a dump trailer for sales in the early s. Fruehauf became the premier supplier of dump trailers and their famed “bathtub dump” was considered to be the best by heavy haulers, road and mining construction firms.

Aug 01,  · The poll received more than 45, votes with close to different albums garnering votes, both via the ballot and write-ins. This time around, each of the albums slotted in the Top 10 landed more than 1, votes, with the records that made the Top 3 each scoring more.

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‘False’ engagement of tipping hooks on ‘builders’ skips

Robert Smith and David M. On their second album, The Smiths expanded both their sound and lyrical subject matter — although in the U. With their second album, Tears For Fears delivered a worldwide commercial smash thanks to a string of hit singles and their accompanying heavy-rotation MTV videos. Simple Minds, Once Upon a Time Talking Heads, Little Creatures

Feb 23,  · They hook up just like a Ford starter. Run a large (batery cable size) hot wire from the battery to a Ford starter solenoid, then from the solenoid to the siren. Run a wire from the battery or other source to a momentary switch, such as an aftermarket horn button, then to the solenoid.

Mary Conn, sister of Carol X, has told the families they must fight for justice if that is what they want Image: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email THE system turned its back on Carol Douglas, known to the world as Carol X, when she was savagely raped and mutilated on the streets of Glasgow. But the mother of three fought bravely and doggedly for justice — and got it 19 months later through a private prosecution.

Carol died 12 years ago, aged only But her sister hopes relatives of the Glasgow bin lorry victims will be inspired by her courage to follow her example and try to put Harry Clarke in the dock. Mary Conn told the Record: It will probably get worse and worse. But if they want justice, they have to fight for it. She was repeatedly raped and brutally slashed with a razor, leaving her needing stitches.

The case left Scotland horrified. There was a wealth of evidence against the attackers, led by rapist Joseph Sweeney.

‘The Hook-Up Truck’ Brings (Safe) Sex To A Parking Space Near You

LiftingSafety’s Automatic release Hook-Clamps provide a unique method to Automatically release a load from the rigging and can easily be adapted to suit customers requirements. Fully corrosion resistant designed specifically for subsea and offshore use with a proven pedigree and reliability. The LiftingSafety Automatic Load Release Hook-Clamp is perfect for when you need to quickly release a load, it comes in a large range of working capacities safe working loads and can be fabricated to suit your needs with bespoke capacities, large oversized eyes etc The Hook-Clamp can be used in a multitude of ways:

Sala “FlexiGuard SafRig” Lorry / Tanker Height Access and Fall Arrest System with Outrigger Base, m Anchor Height.

I intend to blog about this great band over the Christmas period, and its going to take me quite a few days perhaps a couple of weeks! This was, of course, the classic power trio line-up of McPhee on guitar, Pete Cruikshank on bass, and Ken Pustelnik on drums. So it was a nice surprise to find out I was about to witness my first Groundhogs gig. This was just around the time that they released Split, and their very short set comprised a few songs from that and Thank Christ for the Bomb.

The Groundhogs set was particularly short that night, as there were two performances of the Rolling Stones show, the first being from 6. That night I became a lifelong Groundhogs fan. Their music was a unique mix of blues and rock, and they were truly at the height of their powers at the time. The City Hall gig was during and was a co-headlining show with Chicken Shack.

Top 100 Albums of 1985: Slicing Up Eyeballs’ Best of the ’80s — Part 6

Back in the early eighties something weird happened here in Jacksonville Florida. Most of us had made it through the first four wheel drive craze of the late seventies, sold our trucks got married and started a family. Well for some reason that has escaped me we started putting real big fast engines in two wheel drive pickup trucks.

We didn’t take these trucks to the drag strip or the sand dunes and mud holes. We started racing them on Friday and Saturday nights on some of the old rural roads in this area. We didn’t race against to many cars because we knew that cars had a better weight ratio.

Step 2 – Back up the truck slowly to connect with the kingpin; if your truck has a cargo view camera, this will be much easier to do. Once the truck has been backed up enough and the kingpin fully engages with the coupler, the locking mechanism will lock up automatically, securing the trailer.

More information about shopping on LiftingSafety Quotation Help Please choose the correct configuration of your desired product, then once complete – press on the ‘Request Quote’ button, this item will then be added to your basket. To view your basket, simply click on the basket icon at the top of the page OK? The Sala ‘Flexiguard SafRig’ replaces the need for expensive, fixed overhead anchor systems and counterweights. The Sala FlexiGuard SafRig with Outrigger Base is a portable solution for indoor and outdoor maintenance where mobility and worker safety are key.

The base is designed to easily drive over, and the system does not require the weight of the vehicle as the anchor force for complete flexibility. Forklift pockets are also strategically located on the base to ensure ease of mobility and placement from job site to job site. These systems are OSHA compliant. Sala have created a proven process for developing unique solutions. All Sala systems are extremely durable and built to last with world-class quality, materials and workmanship.

They are unique solutions to unique challenges, and fall protection you can trust. Product Features Freestanding jib fall arrest system.

Top 100 Albums of 1985: Slicing Up Eyeballs’ Best of the ’80s — Part 6

North America[ edit ] Tractor unit hauling tractor units in Idaho In North America , the combination vehicles made up of a powered truck and one or more semitrailers are known as “semis”, “semitrailers”, [1] “tractor-trailers”, “big rigs”, “semi trucks”, “eighteen-wheelers”, or “semi-tractor trailers”. The tractor unit typically has two or three axles ; those built for hauling heavy-duty commercial-construction machinery may have as many as five, some often being lift axles.

The most common tractor-cab layout has a forward engine, one steering axle, and two drive axles.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

Basic Lifting Technique Click images for larger view Back up to the disabled unit allowing feet between units. Get out and check the alignment. Install grade 70 20 foot chains by “basketing” the entire area suspension of the disabled truck. Attach chains to the inside of the frames, going down between the brake cam and the axle to pick up both rear axles of the towed unit. One chain on each side will provide enough length to use the remaining chain for safety loops.

Once both chains are hooked to the towed unit, pull the remaining chain to the back of the towed unit. Return to the tow tractor and back up to within 1″ to 2″ of the towed unit.

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To drive any kind of crane on the road you need a drivers licence. The type of mobile crane you can drive on the road is dictated by its weight. To drive a mobile crane weighing between 3. If you intend to use a crane on the public highway in the UK you will need to apply to the local council for a separate crane licence, or crane operators licence, in the area where you intend to operate.

Hooking Up with the Hensley Hooking up with a Hensley Arrow or Cub is different than a conventional “ball and coupler” style hitch. As you can see, you must back a 2” square bar Use your truck mirrors, not your towing mirrors, to hook up. If you can see either side of.

The short answer is, why not? Unless we are in a terrible hurry, we hook-up to water, sewer, and electric. We do our darndest not to get in a terrible hurry. We retired to avoid terrible hurries. We have boondocked in many places and we are very open to stealth camping as well. Campground preferences include dry camping to full boondocking. We actually prefer no campgrounds simply because we prefer the serenity and the ability of our dog children to run around without worrying about other campers.

I usually leave the sewage hose stowed until then. More often we take electric and water sites which tend to be more available. We have also started to use the Harvest Hosts locations which offers no hook-up sites.